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Bio - Robbie Timmons

Over 30 Years of Excellence!

Robbie Timmons began her career in broadcasting in 1972 in Lansing, Michigan.  After just four years and the distinction of becoming the first female in the country to anchor the 6PM and 11PM newscasts, she moved to top ten market Detroit and began a run of over 30 years of excellence.
Starting at CBS owned WJBK TV-2, she anchored the late night news and won Emmy awards for her reporting and anchoring.  Moving to the ABC owned CH-7 in 1982, Robbie anchored with the legendary Bill Bonds, and their 5 O'clock action news topped the ratings.  Later, Robbie teamed with Carolyn Clifford at the noon and 5 O'clock news and annually won rating honors again as the best newscast in the market. Her standing in the business was further solidified in 2013 when she was elected to the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

"Writing, Producing, reporting, and anchoring, Robbie has been awarded 6 Emmy's for her work."

In October of 2010 Robbie retired from her news anchor duties at Channel 7 and moved without hesitation and with great enthusiasm to her newest endeavor; a Thoroughbred Horse Rescue.
A determined supporter of animals, and animals rights, one of Robbie's news stories turned into her latest passion.  After reporting on the slaughter of thoroughbred race horses after a Detroit area race track closed, Robbie and friends formed an orginazation called CANTER.  The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses gives thoroughbred the chance to find a new career, and provides injured thoroughbreds with life saving surgeries at Michigan State University.  Thoroughbreds go through rehabilitation and retraining so these majestic athletes can be transitioned to a new life. Robbie currently serves as CANTER's national treasurer, and CEO of the Michigan chapter.
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Robbie's involvement with this all volunteer charity led to her wrting a very popular children's novel "Twoey and the Goat."  It's the true story of a thoroughbred that came to CANTER with his best friend, a goat.  Robbie helped place them together at a retirement farm in Missouri.